Annotation files include positional information for the nucleotide
location of known coding exons (CDS), untranslated regions (UTR) or any
other DNA features known for the input sequence contigs. zPicture
reconstitutes gene annotation from each gene description provided. Gene
description for an mRNA transcript starts with a header line and ends
with an emply line. First symbol in the header line (> or <)
indicates the direction of the gene transcript relative to the input
DNA sequence (positive or negative, respectively). Exon description
lines follow the header line. They should be in indicated as <from>
<to> <exon type>, where <from> is the starting position of the exon and
<to> is the ending position of the exon. The <exon type> could be
either CDS, UTR or OTH (all other features).
For example, 3 exon gene STC23 on the negative strand. Gene starts at position 1000
in the submitted sequence and ends at 500. Exons span regions [1000,800], [600,550], and
[530,500]. Coding part of the gene is from 900 to 550.
The annotation for this gene should be indicated as follows:

< 500 1000 STC23
500 530 UTR
550 600 CDS
800 900 CDS
900 1000 UTR